Taking student safety to next level

Taking student safety to next level

by Admin

22 September 2019

You might have heard the tragic news of 4 years old girl died from suffocation after being left alone in bus for a prolonged period of time in a hot summer day in Saudi town Al Qunfudah.

Such incidents occur when there is no system in place to track the children who use school transport to commute daily between school and homes.In situation like this, school children don’t have any protection and a mechanism to inform the staff on duty rather a robust system has to be in place to track students getting on and off the school buses.It should alert all concerned when a student gets locked inside the bus due to many different reasons like fallen sleep, could not act timely or too small to follow the instructions.

Another incident took place in Dubai, when a six years old boy was left behind in a school bus and later died because of suffocation again.We might think when will these incidents be stopped? Will there be any system or any mechanism to stop such incidents?

To overcome these problems, we developed Eschoolita, a comprehensive student safety and security solution capable of sending you updates in real-time whenever kids check-in/out on pick and drop trips from home to school and vice a versa.The live tracking of school bus on GoogleMaps gives you complete peace of mind and relieves you from all worries.With Eschoolita, parents and school administration can keep track of school buses as each bus sends location data at regular intervals to Eschoolita Cloud which in turn updates Eschoolita Web Portal and Parent App every few seconds, a feature which sets our solution apart from other apps in the market.

Another industry leading feature Eschoolita has is carefully developed attendance system.Each student is assigned a NFC card which contain RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip.This mechanism works in a following way:

Student swipes his/her card against RFID scanner installed in the Bus while checking in/out.

The attendance data is recorded by RFID scanner and is transmitted to Cloud database.

The information is reflected on Reports and Dashboard as well as consumed by Notification Engine to send real-time updates to all stakeholders.